The Zalora Fashion Revolution

What cool thing happened last week?  I ditched work and went to the ultra swanky Skye Lounge for the ultra swankier Zalora Fashion Launch!  It was cool because I don't own a fashion blog and yet I managed to hobnob with the metro's chic crowd, got out of place, and had enormous fun.

Zalora is the country's leading online shopping site for fashion and footwear.  They lead in fashion show uniqueness, too --the clothes were projected onto the bodies of the models in a high-tech virtual presentation.  Sorta like projection mapping.  How Trekkie is that!  (and how embarrassingly dated a comment was THAT!)

An awesome discovery was that the brains behind Zalora are actually three men.  Put the hottest trends in the hands of these enterprising dudes and you've got easy access to the fashion revolution in a few clicks.

Generous dudes, they also gave us a sneak peek into the future plans of Zalora --and all I can say is that it's gonna be big.  It's gonna be fashion-beyond-clothes BIG.  Can't wait!

They also gave us dibs on Zalora shopping right there and then.

There was dancing.



And Sarah Meier-ing!

Lots of fun!  Why don't you join the e-shopping revolution and head on over to Zalora.  Get your super style on... online.


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