Good Taste, Great Pairings With San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

As my self-proclaimed kitchen king hubby always say, "There's always a reason to drink beer."  And that's why he makes great food to go with it.
My take:  "Yes, there's always a reason --and you can satisfy them all with a Great Pairing suggestion.  San Miguel Lifestyle Brews + Awesome Food = Helluva drinking experience that's above the ordinary!"

Yes, it's an equation.  I majored in Nerdology.

For instance...
San Miguel Premium All-Malt + Garlic Butter Shrimp = Success
This beer sits nicely in the middle of my make-or-break dinner with my most discriminating clients.  Coupled with my husband's classic Garlic Butter Shrimp, San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer goes down with its distinctive taste that makes it a status symbol maker.   This great pairing is a smooth statement that tells my clients I have sophistication, style, success.  Oh yeah.  In business, you drink to impress. *snap-snap*

San Miguel Super Dry + Extra Spicy Sisig = Sizzle
Ah, old reliable.  It's there when I want to wrap up a long productive week.  Best served with my husband's Extra Spicy Sisig.  Best enjoyed with my extra feisty girlfriends.  San Miguel Super Dry's crisp, dry taste and elegant finish complements the fire and crackle of sisig.  This great pairing is how hardworking, strong ladies have fun and recharge for next day's war.  GRAAAHH!!!

Cerveza Negra + Cheesecake Chunks = Satisfaction
After all is said and done, there's that rich multi-sensorial experience that can only be Cerveza Negra.  This caramel-flavored, full-bodied dark lager and my very own Cheesecake Chunks recipe is definitely a marriage made in winding-down heaven. I recommend you take this great pairing slowly and pleasurably, completely uninterrupted.  Except may be if you drink with someone you want to cuddle with in between gulps --which I did.  Cheese-y...

Obviously, this pairing tops my list of Lifestyle Brew favorites.
One, the play of flavors reaches comfort food level.  If you're a freelancer, this is your delicious de-stressor.
Two, it's a quiet, gratifying, and honestly, romantic adventure you can have at home.  I'm not a bar person.  Yep, nerd.
Three,  I cooked up this great pairing myself.  And my husband loved it!  Boo-yeah! :P

Drinking experience that's above the ordinary!
I bet you're raring to do your own Great Pairing, aren't you?  So head on over to the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews website and see what magic you can cook up tonight.  There's a guaranteed wonderful experience for you in every matched-up brew.
(Woohoo!  Finally got to use that!)


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