Welcome to Karisafication Nation!

Going a little off-format here.  I would've written this on my parenting/family blog, but that one showcases a nicer side of me.  And I am definitely not one to spread niceties right now.  So let's go with that badass RaketChick, shall we?

I have a wonderful friend who has 2 beautiful babies.  Her name is Karisa.  And she has adrenal cancer.

Ever heard of that kind of cancer?  Me neither.  Because it's a sneaky bastard kind of cancer.  You never know it's there until you're way up there on Stage 4.  Sucks.  Severely sucks.
But how does Karisa handle it?  With grace and balls, of course!  Because that's how it rolls in Karisaland.  Her 6-step plan to cancer butt-whipping is outlined below.

1.  Turn your plight into an advocacy.
Instead of hosting a pity party, Karisa is exposing adrenal cancer for what it is.  Why should it slink in the shadows?  People must know it exists!  We've put up the Karisafication! page for everyone's info sharing, fundraising, love-friendship-confidence building.  It's an army for the adrenal cancer awareness and stomping advocacy.  Everyone's free to jump in!

2.  Know your enemy.
Research is the key to facing a shrouded character.  While you have your doctors, open yourself up to a second opinion.  Get backed up by a foundation.  Write down everything an expert has to say.  And remember, Google is your friend.  Every problem has a solution if you know everything about it. 

3.  Name your enemy.
This is a secret weapon. When you give cancer a name, it becomes easier to push over.  Karisa's named hers Theo.  It's not the Big C.  It's just Theo.

4.  Consider yourself blessed.  Always.
Never face all this alone.  Karisa's one strong bitch.  And she has a whole pack of like-minded friends and family backing her up on this.  Hence, Karisafication Nation.  Never ever think you can't rely on anyone.  Everyone is blessed with a support system, even if you're not aware of it.

5.  Be fashionable for tests, check ups, and consultations.
Karisa recommends this with a passion.  Never go to the hospital looking whipped --because you're not.  Fashion is, in fact, a good confidence builder.  Hot blue pants and Vera Wang for Kohls scarf was yesterday's OOTD.  What could be next?

6.  FIGHT!
Karisafication! isn't just a cutesy name for a group.  It's a battlecry!  For all those in the same boat and coasting through the dark, get yourself Karisafied by knowing how to cope and survive.  Karisafication! is a living, thriving community that doesn't give clear cut answers, but it does help you through this every single step of the way.. the Karisa way.  You can join the movement here and here.  No one should take Adrenal Cancer/Theo/Wumba/Lulabelle/Slinky/Jerky/Doodoohead sitting down.

Karisa.  RaketChick supports that bitch.  I'm Karisafying Cancer.


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