FREE Happy Even Afters to Solo Flighters!

So a solo mom and a freelance Creative walk into a bar...

What do you think they talked about?
What they learned for the day, of course!  If there's one common denominator between a mom-gone-solo and a Creative-gone-mercenary, it's their openness to push themselves to new heights of knowledge and skill.  Entering realms of paradigm shifts in the name of self-sufficiency.

Like, I'm a writer by profession and I just started making storyboards on my own a few days ago.  I'm suddenly a Photoshopping whiz!  Imagine that.  My solo mom friend, on the other hand, once a banker --has turned publisher!  Releasing a gem called Happy Even After: A Solo Mom's Journal, a book brimming with child care tips, inspirational tidbits, heart-to-heart stories, and pages for a solo mom's own achievement cataloging.

If you're a solo mom or a solo moneymaker, share your riveting nuggets of independent learning on the comment box below.  And, I'll give you your very own copy of HAPPY EVEN AFTER:  A SOLO MOM'S JOURNAL --absolutely free!  I'll be choosing three.  Because THREE rhymes with FREE. Teehee. 

Were you once a damsel in distress who's now an expert at changing flat tires?
Were you once a money splurger and now a fully transformed professional budgeteer?
Did you ever rely on take-out in the old days but now cook like a boss on your own?

How has going solo made you learn new stuff and made you HAPPY EVEN AFTER... I'm dying to know, and reward you for it.  Heck, I'm feeling all generous I'll even ship you your Happy Even After book for free if you live in Metro Manila!  Yep, I'm a giver.  Haha!  Just my little way of saying Happy Holidays to solo mommying and freelancing. :)

What are you waiting for?  Fill up those comment boxes with Independence and Happiness!

UPDATE:  I've received some really cool sharing in both my comment box and Nuffnangx convo box!  Thanks!  You can share some more until December 30. 


  1. I learned bookeeping, my goodness! I had to be my own accountant and know the ropes of BIR and all their requirements as one-woman company. That with nothing but a degree in Fine Arts and some certificates in beauty courses. Whew!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR just got happier! With your very own free copy of HAPPY EVEN AFTER! Congrats Jenn Manigao-Tan, Coi Castillo and Clarissa Bartolome! Please send your contact details at for free shipping. :)


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