It's a Beautiful Day for Writers.

When I was but a little, innocent munchkin of a Junior Copywriter, one client told me, "What is it with all these witty words?! Let's concentrate on the visuals!  Nobody reads copy anyway!"

It was a slap, a punch, an elbow drop to my heart. 

But being born stubborn made me doubt what he said.  And, Jeez, I didn't take up this frikkin' craft for years just to be told I'm sitting in the sidelines.

Anyhoo, here's an old ad that I've kept in my Macbook for those days when I want to be reminded that THAT client was so, so wrong.  And that THAT is why he's now having issues with his marriage.  Lol!  I'm kidding!

So much like before, I never doubted the power of words.  But this material is a good thing to revisit when you need that extra push to kill writer's block or even career frustration.  Or just when you feel like giving yourself that well-deserved pat on the back for an awesome TV script or an impressive ear ad headline.

It's an inspiration.  So much like everything you write for everyone else to read in this world.


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