That's me and I'm free.

Today's words of kickass wisdom is brought to you by Robert Stack and my good friend, Betchay.

This sums it all up.  This is the whole reason why you left the rat race.  This is your personal battlecry.  The mission-vision statement you have etched in your well-oiled and sometimes overly exhausted brain.  Sure, you still aim for top rung... but only because you know that's where you belong.  Not to prove to your peers that you do, but to prove to yourself.

Raketistas, if there's one thing that should grace our mantel or our group T-shirts, this is it.  But hey... let's not go there.

Having said that, I will have to admit that sometimes I still do compete.  But only because some people just make it so darn easy.  LOL!


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