RaketChick Does SASsy.

A wise, old mentor (sadly, it's not Yoda) once told me that a good writer should be able to write for anything.  Not one to back down from a challenge, I pushed myself to write for cars and pesticides, from high-budget TVCs to low-budget AVPs, from pamphlet to websites... without a hitch.  So far.  Whew!

Now, for the merry month of March, I'm biting the bullet again!

Or, biting the nipple... as it were.

In celebration of Women's Month, Sex and Sensibilities.com has invited moi to be part of their advocacy to empower the Filipina with the freedom of expression.  More to the point, through Erotica.  Yes, you read that right.
See how women writers transform the traditional world of paperback romance novels into something more creative and imaginative.  Something sexier and SASsier. 

Mind you, I have never written anything like this before.  But feel free to see how well I am at faking it.
(AHA!  See what I did there. :P)

Read the full story here.


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