Fornication, anyone?

What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than to blog a call-out for erotica literature submissions!
And cake!

Remember how I upped my freelance writing a notch by dabbling in something out of my comfort zone?  Well, I'm giving you the opportunity to do the same... with a huge-ass perk. 
Sex and Sensibilities is compiling all the best erotica submissions in an e-book entitled Fornication:  A Collection of Filipina Erotica in English.  Quality reflections of the Filipina on her own sexuality, and her enjoyment of it.  Different women, different ages, different POVs.  All in the name of freedom of expression on a topic that empowers her to be...well... on top.

The last book of this kind was released in 1992.  It's high time we published an anthology that's fiercer.  More now.  More us.
How. Cool. Is. That!

Simple rules:
1.  Your literotica entry should be up to 800 words.
2.  It should reflect a story about your own sexual outlook --even a fantasy, except rape and death fantasies.  
3.  It should be in English.  Obviously.
4.  Submissions should be in Word document files emailed to
5.  You can either use your real name or pseudonym in your byline but make sure you include your full name in your email to us.
6.  And lastly, all entries should be in by April 20, 2013.

Feeling a little iffy about this?  Understandable.  That's why I've prepped some inspirational samples to get you in the mood.

COSTUMES by Nicai de Guzman.

POWER PLAY by Ana P. Santos.

And, my personal favorite (Haha!), THE GAMES ADULTS PLAY by Karen Fernandez.

Once chosen as one of the brilliant authors with a story delicious enough to grace the online pages of Fornication, you will be emailed immediately.  Then, we party.  And have cake.

So, have I turned you on yet?  Have I gotten your creative, uhm, juices flowing?
Then get to it!


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