Radio, LIVE!

To a copywriter, a radio script presentation is like an invitation to audition for America's Got Talent.  Why, this is the only medium where you're on your own.  No visual aid, just pure words -- this pretty much is your show.  In fact, you alone dictate your concept's make or break.  This is the performance of your life!


That meeeans... present your radio script with the aplomb of a seasoned thespian!

1.  Set up the stage.  Make your client visualize your intent with a short preamble. A simple, "The scenario is a husband and wife fighting at the mall" should do fine.

2.  Pegs are for pussies.  Don't say, "The music will sound like this but we'll still make it not sound so much like this..."  Pegs can also confuse the heck out of your client's expectations.

3.  Pre-recorded presentations are a waste.  So why do it?  Why hire professional talents and buy studio time for a client presentation?  That's money out the window, me thinks.

4.  Don't be shy, it's your time to shine!  Present raw!  If you must bring props for SFX or an acoustic guitar for that major mood and tone, do so.  But present LIVE.  Make it a show.

5.  Be possessed!  I firmly believe that anyone can change her voice whether she responds to the name Emily Rose or not.  If your script calls for the voice of God, then by God --be God!  If it calls for a conversation between 5 people, then be 5 people! 

6.  Be very possessed! I bet you can make a host of sound effects come out of that pretty mouth, too.  A bird tweet, a dino roar, a car revving, thunder and lightning --you could do those sounds at will when you were a kid playing in your front yard.  Squeeze that out and do it again!

7.  Sing, goddamnit, SING!!!  Unless you really don't have the slightest musical shred in your body.  But in any case, your job is to tell your client a story.  Not win The Voice.

At the end of the day, a live radio script presentation is fun.  It gets your client in a good mood.  And it shows how passionate you are about your concept and craft.  It sells.
I mean, after that award-winning performance, how can any self-respecting client possibly say no?  Ha!

Yes, technology is there to make things easier.  But when it comes to radio, dear writers, read your script... be your script! 
And, take a bow.


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