Your Life's Goal: Now Showing

On the subject of creating goals for yourself, Susan Miller once told me...
(Uh-huh, the Horoscope Lady.  THAT Susan Miller.  Us freelancers like getting sneak previews in life.  We're impatient like that.)

I hear you, Sue!
We're creative people.  We churn out stories for a living, multiple times in a day.  How is it not possible to make our own stories with our own lives?  Remember, your life is your biggest adventure.  As a freelancer, you can't fall into a fetal position moping about an 'isang kahig, isang tuka' existence when living an adventure is so much cooler, right?

Starting today, aim for something bigger, plan a course of action, dive into the fray.  Live every day with the attitude of a protagonist who's read the script beforehand (because we're impatient like that) and knows for a fact that --despite unexpected twists-- you're not going to be killed off in this flick like some two-bit zombie extra because you topbill this blockbuster!

If the goal you've set seems too steep and even if you fall a dozen times going for it, don't think, "I'm doomed... I'll never make it...".  Instead, take those falls as challenges you feed on.  And think, "As I reached out to the sphere of gold and light, I am engulfed in the power of victory!  I bask in the triumphant rays of my new life ...whilst in the heated kiss of a well-toned lover!"
The last line is optional.

So, go!  Cook up a goal in this cinematic spectacle called life.  It's science!  Why do you think I came up with RaketChick in the first place?

Glorious closing score.
End credits roll.

*movie poster background by wallpoper.


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