Targetted: The Targus MacBook Air Sleeve

I suck at surprises.
So a month before my birthday, Kalakal Kid forewarned me that he will be getting me the new MacBook Air as a present.  I didn't handle that too well either.  You tend to be ridiculously budget-conscious when you're a freelancer.  And my old MacBook (Diego, bless his soul) is dying, but STILL HANGING ON!!

Stubborn for stubborn --Kalakal Kid won this round.
So I am now the bashful and somewhat proud owner of a spanking new MacBook Air.  (a very quiet 'Yay!')

Now, I would love to go on a product review for you, but that sort of thing is all over the net now.  So I'll go with ...the sleeve.

One thing you have to know about the MacBook Air is that you don't want to cover it up too much when you saunter with it into meetings.  It's a badge that says, "I am up to date.  And so is my professionalism." --haha!  And so you'd want to carry it around semi-exposed.  The jelly hard cases designed for such purpose have already made the initial rounds when the first MacBook Air hit the shops, so I'm not going that route.  Plus, the jelly hard cases are so in your face.  I don't want to be all,  "Heeey!!!  I got a MacBook Aaaaiiir!!!!".  Ugh, a little discretion please.

My baby (whom I've decided to name Loki) sports the simple yet fashionable Targus in Twill.  It's slim, handy, and cheaper than its plastic counterparts.  The latter might just be the deciding point here since I don't want Kalakal Kid to spend much more. :P  The Targus is only Php1,799.00.  I am cheap.  Hear me roar.

My sleeve, which comes in badass Jet Black with white stitching, has an easy-clean rubbery exterior.  It is branded in complete subtlety.  Love that.  It whispers your MacBook Air's presence via the slope in the opening.

It has an internal soft lining that protects the MacBook Air from scratches.  The strap closure is for quick access --just in case you are unceremoniously pulled into a 'Quick!  Type down this briefing now!' situation.

It gives the impression of a classy clutch ('clutch' --yes, I am judging myself).  People will somehow know it houses a MacBook Air... or will be pleasantly surprised when you finally expose it. 
The Targus is borderline weightless that it's perfect if you would rather travel light from one client meeting to a production session to a press launch in crazy succession.  Even when I look like a complete hot mess after a typical fully-loaded day, my Loki will still look mighty fine.  And that's what matters.

The Targus Sleeve is available in many lovely shades at the Power Mac Center.  If you haven't pimped your Air, here's your chance.


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