My Pointed Pet Peeves

Aside from that huge pot of hot, steaming coffee at 3am, another thing raketistas love is the sweet, sweet smell of a new project.  To me, when that JO comes into view,  it almost always comes with a glorious Enya soundtrack in the background.
Until I see someone peering behind it.
It's the Point Person.  The one who's going to spearhead today's project briefing.

Folks, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of cliches and pet peeves!

"Straightforward lang 'to, ha?"
This is said by the Point Person when a project requires a straightforward announcement ONLY.  Nothing creative.  Uh... and you gave this project to a Creative Person because...?

"Madali lang 'to, pramis!"
It's a warning in disguise.  What it's really saying is, "So don't you dare go bitchin' on me!" or "So don't you dare quote me a high TF!"

"I'll ask client/my boss/my crystal ball."
I hate this specially when it's in answer to a very basic strategic question.  Like, what's the Key Message?  Come.  On.  "I'll get back to you." is a kissing cousin.

"Gets mo?"
Perhaps I can live with this if it's said only once.  But when it's said after every sentence, I sincerely would like to smack a face and scream, "I'm not stooopid!  I GETS it!"

"Ang deadline: ASAP!"
I know it's a rush project.  But a deadline is a date, consisting of months and days.  ASAP is a star-studded musical variety show.  Know the difference.

"Ang deadline: Yesterday!"

"That's the creative challenge."
The King of Cliches!  It's usually a professional default response to the creative whine, "But that's an impossible requirement!"  It is meant to motivate, to make you strong.

"Kaya mo 'yan!  Magaling ka naman e!"
Another motivational tool.  This one, a tad more personal.  It means, "You're on your own!"  This is usually followed by a pat on the back and the Point Person skidaddling away into the sunset, laughing maniacally.

Now don't get me wrong.  A lot of Point People are cool business partners.  But a lot of them do need to work on new stand-up material. 
So, do you want me to write you up some?*

*Opportunistic bitch me :)


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