The Portfolio Dojo: Come Armed!

For a change, wouldn't it be great if you could get freelancing survival tips from a master who's a heck lot more animated than, say, a quick sketch of a trigger-happy warrior in a blog?

Oh, let's not stop there. What if you had the chance to hobnob with 4 such masters?

Well, you're in luck then, little grasshopper. We're going to the Dojo!

The Portfolio Dojo, brainchild of Creative Manila and, is a workshop aimed at taking your independent business sense a step further. Here, you'll get to sharpen your self-selling armory with wisdom like this...

Include dead ads in your porfiolio. More often than not, the comprehensive studies your client shot down are the ones that really display your distinct brand of creativity.

But don't take this quick sketch of a trigger-happy warrior's word for it! In a few days, you can strengthen your chances of freelancing survival by engaging in an inspiring discussion with the biggest names in creative entrepreneurship... LIVE! It will be like a face-to-face, fist-to-fist session with your very own sensei! Minus waxing on and waxing off. Isn't that just plain insane??

If you're serious about spreading your wings, add some killer talons to it. Learn how at the Portfolio Dojo. BE THERE. BE BATTLE-READY. OR END UP GETTING BEAT UP.
(This threat comes from a quick sketch of a trigger-happy warrior in a blog, by the way. :P)


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