A Raketista Reality Show?

It was my first slow day in many, many moons.
What better way to celebrate it than to couch potato it, right?!
As I welcomed that rare braindead state, the whole day saw me sprawled and glued to the TV... oddly entranced by reality shows. Oh yeah, I went there. From MasterChef to The Apartment to The Next Top Model.

And because I can't really stay catatonic for long, this Reality TV immersion had me cooking up...

(Disclaimer: Gimme a break. It's a working title.)

Think about it! Every true blue freelancer has always claimed to be a fantabulous multitasker, a jack of all trades. This reality show is the best way to prove who's the best at it. Anyone in the advertising field can join --writers, artists, directors, producers. It's going to be a test of expertise and the art of winging it. It's going to be insane!

Rough details. The raketistas will live together in probable disharmony in a contained, swanky, computer-heavy, wifi-ready area for several months (with huge vats of coffee, I promise). Every episode will have these raketistas biting each other's heads off in super stressful challenges. Oh, you should be familiar with these...

It will be like a never-ending business pitch! Which is kinda like real life for us, really.
To be fair, each raketista will also be allowed to make a crucial phone call to get advice from experts.

This also tests your panache for forging connections and building strong business relationships. If you suck in this area, you're better off calling a cab home.

Good so far?

Of course, each raketista will need to be screened before getting into the so-called 'rambol house'.

I'm not too picky about the others. But I do have three casting call mandatories:  The Bitch, The Crybaby, and the Overworked-Undersexed Dude/Dudette Who Always Falls In Love With Anyone During Overtime. Ratings, come to mama!

Oh! The prize: The crowned best raketista in the bunch will take home a hefty slew of the latest in business gadgetry --which includes a sports car. What, we need to make client calls in style, you know. Maybe a beach house should be thrown in there, too. For when we need to take a break from it all... recharge... forget...

THERE! So what do you think? Should I start harassing sponsors?
Or should I just stop having slow days?


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