CyberRave: LG G3 4ME!

How does it feel to be an Independent Creative warrior?
It's fun.
It's exciting.
It's risky.
It's complicated.
It's unpredictable.
It's dramatic.
In other words, it's like sky diving with no clear idea of weather conditions, safe landing, or if your parachute is actually a misplaced folded bed sheet.

So what, pray tell, has kept my sanity in tact the past 5 years of Freelancing? A good gadget.
Since I started going solo, LG Optimus has been my partner in crime. My reliable sidekick. But, like anything that helps one survive, there is a need to upgrade. And that's where the LG G3 comes in. Easily, the answer to my complicated life's cry for simplicity.

LG G3 goes by the dictum. 'SIMPLE IS THE NEW SMART'. Right off the bat, it has spoken my language.

LG G3 is performance, amped! This baby has a stunning Quad HD display that helps me check out ad layouts in exquisite, pixel-less picture quality on a bezel-free, edge-to-edge 5.5-inch screen.
Its camera has an OIS (Optical Image Stabilisation) that lets me shoot sans blur.
Its Smart Keyboard lets me send email in transit minus the usual typos.
And, with its built-in 1-watt speaker with boost amp, I can make music presentations without having to lug around a back-breaking sound system.

LG G3 is goodies, re-pumped! It's larger than most phones but smaller than most phablets… with a classic metallic, light weight body. That means better, safer grip in the middle of swinging from Facebook to Instagram to Twitter.
It has an Intuitive Graphic UI which removes unnecessary elements giving me a cleaner interface while I dabble on Word, then shift to Gallery, moving to GMail. Hyperfocusing! Love it!
And… Software Diet. LG G3 comes with a more streamlined number of pre-installed apps, only the ones I need to multitask. If I'm fickle-minded (which I usually am), I can even delete an existing app for more free space.

LG G3 is user-friendly, maxed! With its Smart Notice that predicts and recommends what I need to do for my phone, I feel like I have an assistant. An assistant that deserves a raise!
Its Quick Circle flashes my most recently used apps like a Top Sites kind of thing for quicker navigation.
And, dude, don't get me started on its Wireless Charging. Best. Thing. Evarr!

This crazy-ass world of Independent Creative warriors, simplified. By LG G3.
I'm getting mine at SM Supermalls' Cyber Month Tech Sale. #31HappyCyberDays #EverythingForTheTechieInYou
You should, too.


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