Stephen says...

Stephen King has always been THE author for me. I still cry when I revisit Cujo, I still marvel at the genius that is Carrie, and Misery will always be my go-to peg for when I get ridiculously obsessive about things I shouldn't.

But since I can't call the man and invite him for a reflective tete-a-tete about the craft of writing over Capuccino and cheese sticks, I get my daily fill of Stephen King's inspirational tidbits from here.

Or, if you want a full-blown 'conversation' that can very well extend until supper, here.

And since Mr. King also has the best dictums about the mystery that is life, I also run to him for such golden nuggets right here.

Stephen King. If you think the guy is just all about scaring kids at bedtime, know him better by sitting down and 'listening' to him. I do.


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