The Nostalgia that is Typewriter Sculpting

Ever wondered where your old Remington went? If you're an old copywriter like me, then this post is bound to make you smile and shed a tiny happy tear.

Hold your carbon transfer mechanical keys up for Jeremy Mayer!

This Oakland, California artist transforms old typewriters into majestic mythical beings in undeniable human form. The latest of which is the 7-foot sculpture of the Greek titaness, Theia-- made solely out of the cut casings, keys, screws, nuts, bolts, and springs of 40 different typewriters. One piece takes him more than one painstaking year to complete.

His take on completing a project?
"Doing an accurate likeness of a person hurts my brain. Hurts so good though. There's a lot of trial and error. I'm done when it creeps me out, or if I walk into the studio and the sculpture startles me because it looks like come one is standing there."

Ok, ok… a huge typewriter sculpture may make me scream my lungs out for a few seconds… THEN, I'll shed a tiny happy tear.

For more of Jeremy Mayer's work, follow @jeremymayer on Instagram.

Info and Photos from Instagram Blog


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