How-To at TwentyTwo

Scenario One: You decided on a lunch meeting with your clients. You want to impress. Naturally, you'd want a bistro where the ambience is good, the food is fab, a great time is guaranteed --with financial damage you'd hardly feel at all.
Scenario Two: It was an excruciatingly hard day for you and your business friends. You want a well-deserved chill time. Naturally, you'd go for a bar where the ambience is good, the drinks are fab, a great time is guaranteed --with financial damage you'd hardly feel at all.


TwentyTwo is a much-needed haven along the long stretch of Jupiter St, Makati. What makes it different from the other joints there? It was put up by 12 friends, who like you, just wanted that perfect place to hang out in the middle of the day or after work. So this gang knows exactly what you want --and gives it. Lunch. Dinner. And beyond. Frontliners in this fun bunch are Vince Tanjutco as the bistro bar's President, and Marco Legasto, Executive Chef whose culinary creations are pretty much hotel-level at level: affordable.

Us bloggers got first dibs. And so, with excessive fanfare, here's my How-To at TwentyTwo!

Warning: Drooling is expected. Pull back. Keep your keyboard dry.

Lychee Shake
When at TwentyTwo, what do you order first? THIS. No ifs, no buts. This drink is a must. Believe me when I say heaven has never been this sweet, this cool, this white.

Appetizers, they've got tons. But my personal faves are:

Four Cheese Croquettas, Seared Tuna, Scallops with Foie Gras and Mushrooms, and JalapeƱo Peppers Sampler
Shrimp Saffron with Chorizo Gambas

Nachos with Chorizo Cheese
My ultimate personal faves (because I'm completely biased like that) are the Croquettas and the Nachos. 'OMG!' is an understatement, I swear.

Now let's hit the Main Attractions!

Paella Negra
Truffle Pasta
Slow Cooked Ox Tripe and Tail 
Stuffed Squid
Bone Marrow and Foie Gras Burger
Bagnet with Thai Sauce
Tenderloin with Spiced Taro
Lamb Rendang
This is a highly inappropriate emotion, but I have fallen madly in love with the Bagnet. The Truffle Pasta made me swoon, too. And their menu yields so much more.

So how do you end such a fantastic gastronomic journey? With the dreamiest desserts, of course!

Rum Cake with Butter Dulce Gatas Sauce
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Icing
I can't choose. Really. I just can't. And this is just a couple from the rich dessert tray.

Oh, but your day's not done. As soon as the sun sets, TwentyTwo dims the lights and amps the entertainment with either a DJ manning house music or an acoustic band that changes genre per night.

And the bar gets severely amped, too. YESSIR!

Overall, expect an incredibly awesome time at TwentyTwo. Be it day or night.

Us bloggers, of course, got off with a little extra. Bagnet Thai Sauce and a P2,000 GC. Just in time for  hunnybunster's and my anniversary! It's not just for friends, clients, and business partners after all. So we'll see you again in a couple of weeks, TwentyTwo. Thanks!

See? I told you this gang knows exactly what you want --and gives it.

TwentyTwo Bistro Bar is at No. 22 Jupiter Street, Bel-air, Makati City, Philippines. 
Opens Mondays to Saturdays, 11am to 2pm and 5pm until you're overjoyed.
Find TwentyTwo Bistro Bar on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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