How To Rock As An 8-Year Old

Let's start the year with a bit of childhood reflection.
I'll go first.
When I was 8, I realised that I wasn't psychologically designed for dressing up Barbie dolls. So, I decided to make a 6-page horror genre comic out of notebook paper and my trusty Bensia pencil. I had that one comic photocopied, and sold 2 pieces for Php5 each --one to my mother, and another to a classmate I had to bully.

Ooohkaay… not much of an accomplishment there. Not by a long shot compared to this 8-year old boy named Miro. Miro, at the tender age of 8, realised that he wasn't psychologically designed for the current slew of children's books out in the market. So, he decided to write and publish his own. Yep, this boy is the author of SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP.

SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP is a digital compilation of three original heart-warming, knee-slapping stories loaded with life lessons you pick up as a wee babe. All set in the delightful backdrop of the science fiction genre. All brilliantly illustrated by fine artists Annie Llanes, Bleps Dapo, and Klaro de Asis.

Flipside published SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP for Miro, and has it readily available in 2 ebook formats. One, as a regular flip book you can score from Kobo. Two, as an interactive book that allows readers to personally click on images to make them move and make sounds. NEAT! This hands-on version is up for download on iTunes.

Oh, but this kid didn't stop there. Being a kindhearted soul, he also donated SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP to the Global Filipino Library --a Flipside Publishing Services' project that aims to forward 21st century learning to public schools in the Philippines. SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP will launch in 22 schools by way of the PEER Digital Library program. WOWZA!

Dang. Have you caught your breath yet?
If you have, well, that's EXACTLY how you rock as an 8-year old. What did you do when you were 8?

While you go through that flashback, do get a copy of SLEEP, GEEK, SLEEP, why doncha?


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