What Makes Shopback The Best Way To Shop In 2016?

One word, my friends: CASHBACK!
And isn't THAT what everyone needs to guarantee a glorious New Year? Oh, you bet! 
So, with great pride, I bring you the shopping awesomeness that is SHOPBACK. Shopback is an online shopping phenomenon that's making waves in Singapore and Malaysia. With its cashback concept, it's slated to be a big hit in the Philippines and all of South East Asia. 

What makes Shopback cool is that it comes to you as an unassuming shopping portal. It's loaded with hundreds of big-named brands that can have you cyber shopping to your heart's content. Top picks would be Lazada, Zalora, Ensogo, Hotels.com, and Sephora, to name a few. My heart beats specifically for Samsung for my gadget needs, and ebay for when I crave for those hard-to-find purchases.

What makes Shopback ultra cool is that it doesn't stop there. It goes on to share with you a percentage of the commission it gets from your favourite brand. Talk about generosity and good will! Shopback literally lets you shop and earn at the same time! To make it even easier, cashouts are paid directly to you via Paypal or your choice of popular banks like BDO, BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, and Unionbank, among others.

Are you riveted to your seat now? Well, then let me clue you in on how you can make Shopback's Cashback happen for you.

ONE, You hop on to the Shopback site where you click on your favourite brand. Or you can check out the popular online stores here.

TWO. Once redirected to your brand's site, go on shopping and make a purchase.

THREE, Voila! In a matter of 48 hours, your cashback is stored in your Shopback account for future pickins'.

FOUR, As soon as you hit the Php300 cashback mark, withdraw for quick moolah at the end of each month.

Needless to say, the more shopping you do, the more cashbacks you'll earn. Hey, you can make hundreds in a year! 
Now, THAT'S how you shop in 2016. And for the next years to come, for that matter. Feeling enlightened and empowered? Then shop on, my friends shop on...


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