Biz-o-meter 2016

Well, they went to work. And then, work. And positively, more work.
In other words... the months flew to the moon and straight on to happy days!

I'll be perfectly blunt here and tell you that 2015 had been a complete and utter turd to me. Postponed projects, delayed paychecks, ninja clients. It was a year that just kept on taking.
But you, 2016, are shaping up to be a lovely sort. Repeat clients, retainer arrangements, international fanfare. It's one electric surge after another!

Now, I'm not saying that you have to rely on the good fortune of a certain period to land yourself, well, good freelancer fortune. You still have to work. When opportunity knocks, you grab that opportunity and ride it off into the sunset. And when opportunity doesn't knock, well, go ahead and hunt it down. And this year so far has been way too giving.

So, I know it's still early in the relationship, but 2016 --I love you and the electric surges you bring!
Do I get my restraining order now?


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