You are an amazing fireball of creativity and independence.
You are strong...
You're invincible...
You are freelaaaance...
(If you didn't sing the last 3 lines, I am so going to cry)

Well, I am glad you have that confidence going for you. But be reminded that while confidence in solopreneurship is a thing, it isn't everything. Freelancing by your lonesome can be harrowing at times. I mean, I've never known a freelancer who hasn't cracked under pressure or snapped due to stress. We have our moments. So who do we run to when work gets out of hand? There's family, friends, and that understanding tub of Ben and Jerry's. But we also need someone who gets us. Someone who knows what we're going through and might be able to pitch in some kind of valuable support other than that run-of-the-mill 'Don't work too hard.' advice.

No, I'm not talking about pooling all your pennies for a life coach. I'm talking about these two women. And their projects.

Leah Kalamakis of The Freelance to Freedom Project

She makes everything about freelancing sound so easy! The cool thing about her is that she has the tools to guide you through the choppy waters of independent creativity and she's all out sharing them. How cool is that! She has kits, for love's sake! And she sends you emails on a rabid basis, too… because she really wants you to succeed.
When I need a shoulder to lean on during one of those trying freelancing days, the Freelance to Freedom Project is my official go-to. Leah is like a big sister. She doesn't nag, but she'll be there to give you good solid advice over a hot cup of cocoa.

Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project

Ok, if you're done talking to your big sister, now it's time to hit the streets with your zany girlfriend. Ash Ambirge of The Middle Finger Project is attitude on legs. And we all know that freelancing isn't just all about a skill set but a fine sense of 'Killin' it!' as well. You can't just dive into solopreneurship without the necessary balls. You have to have those babies. And aside from a middle finger, Ash has just that. The Middle Finger Project gives you a whole new perspective on the freelancing process, and equips you with the right sass to survive it all. These come to you via blogs and webinars.
When I need to rant and be told I'm right for doing so, the Middle Finger Project is my official go-to. Ash got my back. :P

There you go!
Let these amazing women and their empowering projects help you through your solo ride to awesome work and fulfilment. You'll feel a lot better about being an independent professional, and being yourself.
That is, until you can score another Ben and Jerry's.


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