Why Raketistas Need to Research

A lot of freelancers put their foot down just for the sake of putting their foot down. My pet peeve being, "I don't do research. You'll have to send me all the information and I'll work from there."

Lovely stand. Very impressive. But, you know what, you do have to do research --and you don't even have to get paid for it. Research should be part of your whole service package. Not only for your client's sake, but for yours. Research protects the brand you're working on, your business relationship, and your reputation.

It allows you to...

1. Know more about the playing field.
If you're working on something that's a bit outside of your comfort zone, do yourself a favor and find out more about it. When it comes to communication, what works in one industry doesn't always work in another. Easily, this is a job for Google! Unless, of course, you're feeling extra passionate and would like an actual immersion. If your project is all about fitness, you may want to hit the gym.

2. Protect your ideas.
You really need to be aware of your brand's competition. Find out what others are doing and see how you can do better. Find out what has been done and be more original. Remember, accidental plagiarism is just as uncool as an intended one. By researching, you can make sure that your ideas are unique, up-to-date, and more inspiring. Again, Google is your friend. 

3. Gather insight from your target market.
Your client may give you tons of paperwork covering surveys but you have to accept the fact that he or she does not know everything. If your job is to tap a certain target market, then get the insights straight from the horse's mouth. You'll need to do some legwork on this one. Go out and find your audience and talk to them. Insighting is crucial. Who knows --your target market might just give a more valuable communication point that your client missed.

4. Gives you future reference.
I've said this more than once, and I'll keep saying it. The best freelancers are those who never tire of learning. New knowledge is always a treat! It's fulfilling. Plus, you can stash it in your memory bank and draw from it when the next requirement comes.

It's not nerdy. It's necessary.
Research before Raket, freelancers!


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