Let's amass that INDIE POWER!!!

The Indierectory, Manila's premier directory of ad independents, is having a launch event that's brimming with Indiependent Creative Professional know-how of pandemic proportions!

Too much? Maybe. But I'm one of the guest panelists so that's something. :)

Ladies and gents... welcome to INDIE POWER! We'll be talking about how Indies can help businesses pivot in the pandemic.

Now, forget about me and look at this impressive line-up!

Yes, folks! That goony chick on the right? That is SO ME.

So if you own a Brand and you're looking for a way to thrive in your business' latest challenge, or if you're an independent creative professional looking for like-minded folks in these challenging times --then, head on to INDIE POWER. It will be on at FB Live, August 21, 2020, Friday, from 6pm to 7pm.

See you there!


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