From Indie To Entrep (Ready? FITE!)

 Ooooh... I'm doing a thing!

Okay, since I've been doing a lot of event guest appearances lately, I thought to myself... "Hey, self! You wanna flip that thing?"

And so I did!

I'm neck-deep into this project in which I interview 4 creative professionals turned entrepreneurs. Business tips and inspiration abound! And, yes, you read that right --this time, I'm the one doing the interviewing. The potential to botch this up is incredibly high. Haha!

But seriously, FROM INDIE TO ENTREP is a huge deal because there is an upward trend of people shifting to putting up their own businesses --thanks to this long-ass lockdown. The offering is switching from services to goods. The positioning, from taketista to negosyante. People are realizing that diskarte is the key to survival. And that is what FITE is all about.

Schedules for each event will be announced soon. This is going to be legit lit! That is, if I don't botch it up. lol!


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