Queens in Biz: Bounce Back as an Indiepreneur

August is like my 'back to normal' month, I swear!

While there is no way anyone can feel normal (what is normal anyway?) in these (lemme go cliché here) trying times --the fact that I was invited to three podcasts to speak about my freelancing advocacy just feels like comfort zone all over again. Minus the boots. :(

It felt great. After months of survival mode and a few waking hours of 'WTF is going on?!", I felt (overdramatic music swell) alive again.

So flashforward to the point of this blog entry. High Value and Financially Independent Women Network invited me to their Queens In Biz podcast to talk about bouncing back as an Indiepreneur.

It was fun. Nova and Jennifer were such intelligent, fun ladies to talk to --definitely queens in their own right. 

My books were also featured. And I even got a welcome into the Queendom, too. Is that cool or what!

You can watch the full video here: Queens in Biz


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