How To Use The NOT TODAY, 2022! 'Bawi Tayo!' Revenge Planner

Thank you for all your orders, you amazing people you! 
May your NOT TODAY, 2022! Revenge Planners fuel you with that much-needed brave, bold 'Bawi Tayo!' power for the upcoming new year. Which, by the way, is in just a few hours. Daaayum...

So. I thought of putting together a couple of tutorials to get you and your Revenge Planner started.

First, here's the Full Year version of NOT TODAY, 2022! on a laptop with an installed PDF-annotating app. I used Notability in this demo but the planner works on just about any pdf-annotating app like Evernote, Good Notes, Xodo, etc.

Next, here's the Quarterly Subscription version of NOT TODAY, 2022 on an android phone with a built-in default pdf-annotating app. The NOT TODAY, 2022 planner also works on an iPhone with iBooks or any other pdf-annotating app your phone or tablet came with.

There you go!


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