NOT TODAY, 2022! The Creative Professional's 'Bawi Tayo!' Revenge Planner

Whew! Crazy past year and a half, huh? Oh, wait. Crazy is a freaking understatement!

And now that a new year is rolling in, there is nothing more we'd rather do than get our shit back together. Don't worry, fam. RaketChick's gotchu.

Presenting RaketChick's first ever digital planner...
NOT TODAY, 2022! The Creative Professional's 'Bawi tayo!' Revenge Planner! 
(cue thunder and lightning(

This baby is a treasure trove in creativity and productivity tips, thoughts, and trivia to help you regain your momentum, money, and peace of mind for the year ahead. Yup! With this digital planner, 2022 has got nothing on you. Armory include:

• Monthly Motivation Blogs
• Interactive Calendar Pages
• Weekly Pep Talkies
• Monthly Wealth Checks
• Monthly Health Checks
• Revenge Plot Tidbits
• Sticker Pack
• Note Pad

What makes the NOT TODAY, 2022! Revenge Planner even more awesome than earthly possible is that it comes to you with 2 options:
• A QUARTERLY SUBSCRIPTION for only P399 every 3 months (This option gets you bonus content, by the way. Yowza!)

You can make your choice here:

RaketChick's NOT TODAY, 2022! helps you exact revenge better with your gadget's built-in pdf-annotating app. Or, you can download Notability for Windows and Mac, or Xodo for Android --absolutely FREE!

So are you ready to bawi? Tara na!



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