In all honesty, SOPA's intentions are quite noble.  Piracy has always been a huge issue online, mostly affecting the music and movie industries --and I can understand how free downloads affect those businesses financially.  I empathize.  (*cough*... as if I've never downloaded a single mp3 ...*cough*).

So, yes, a move needs to be made.
But please, not with a shoddy, sweeping bill!

Really, SOPA?  One mere namedropped link or photo grab can make one guilty of copyright infringement?  Whatever happened to free knowledge, free speech, free will?  Will this be the end of Wikipedia, Google, YouTube, (insert your favorite info resource site here)?  What will become of the World Wide Web if it won't be wide at all?   Let me be the first to tell you that 'the World Narrow Web' just doesn't sing as smoothly when you say it.  Try it.

If this bill passes, then I guess that makes RaketChick a cold-blooded criminal, huh?  What with all the reviews I write and my opinionated fingers having no filter feature.  Well, geez Lady Warden, I do NOT look good in orange!  And horizontal stripes make me look fat!

But, wait!  I just read your mind.  You're asking, "But, RaketChick, what if someone steals one of your doodles and uses it for evil --are you cool with that?"  Imitation is the best form of flattery.  It's not like I posted all these online and then realized too late that ...GASP!... you mean everyone can see this???

Sadly, my Raket skills do not cover speaking and thinking in Legalese so I don't have a quick fix to this rant.  All I know is that the Internet is meant to be man's way of moving forward.  Walking backward to the Dark Ages, I don't know what's up with that.  Order is a good thing.  But maybe a little more brain-squeezing is in order, SOPA?

While it's still legal to do so, learn more about SOPA here.


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