In the old days, how do you know when your ad has finally reached Great Success status?

When it's finally spoofed by Bubble Gang!  Yep, that's how I've always measured it.

All the industry plaques and trophies and fanfare --those are just the flowery add-ons.  The true test of triumph is when your ad is being talked about like wildfire.  That means your ad has affected (and infected) people.  Your ad has become a virus (and has gone viral).  And the icing on the cake:  When you're finally spoofed.  Spoofing means you've earned your right in the common household.  It also means that your concept is so campaignable that anyone can pull it off and pull it out limitlessly.  Campaignability makes your idea a gem.

Nowadays, we can thank the net for that. 
A trendy example would be the 2012 DOT campaign.  An idea that's caught on, and how.

By Roland Benzon.
You see creatively clever parodies online.

By Creative Manila
As well as cleverly crazy lampoons.

There are also tasteless ones which I will not taint RaketChick with --but they're out there.  And the whole slew of satires only proves how successful the campaign has become.
It also shows how fun and creative the Filipino people really are.  Not just Bubble Gang, but the entire brood.  Our country --amidst all its problems-- IS indeed the Spoofsonian of humor and witty take-offs. (Yes, I made that up... and I'm proud, haha!)

Now that's a cooler way to get your ad some nationwide attention.  Aim to be spoofed!


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