You have a Friend Request...

"Would you add or accept a client as a friend on Facebook?"

How sick do you think I freakin' am?!!  Haha!

Ok, let's not knock Facebook here.  I've gotten lots of clients from social networking.  Friends, Friends of Friends, Family or Acquaintances of Friends and Neighbors and Countrymen.  Great business source, if you ask me.  And I'm a grateful, contented cow for that.

But what if the situation was reversed?  You have a live client, you've worked once or twice, and then suddenly --there it is-- a Friend Request on your feed.  Do you Accept?  Do you Ignore?  Do you Not Now?

Depends on your relationship with your client, of course.  If you know her personally, then it shouldn't be any problem.  'Shouldn't' being the operative word.  Now, if you don't know this character outside of the fact that she gives confusing project briefs and delayed checks, then please do the math.

Some clients, however, can be so darn friendly that they lure you into accepting their friendship.  Here is when danger may lurk.  You can never tell when a nice person you've met a few hours ago can snap and go full-throttle stalker on you when push comes to shove on a certain project deadline.
You log on.  Post a nice "Watching The Walking Dead tonight with fresh buttered popcorn... YUM!'  And the first comment you get is from your new friend, saying, "Your concept paper deadline with me is tomorrow and you have the nerve to waste time on FB and TV???!!!"  Dayam!
And so, from then on, you hide your posts from her.  And that's when you get a PM (or worse a note on your Timeline) that reads:  "Why can't I see your posts?  Am I on Hide?!  Y U NO SHAAAAARE???!!!"

I exaggerate, of course.  Not all clients are like that.  But my point is this:  Sometimes (and most times), the professional and the personal should not mix.  It helps keep a better working relationship, and builds a stronger friendship.

Always remember, Facebook isn't JUST Facebook.  It IS personal.  And unless you really know the person you're talking to, then you should know how to handle your privacy like a pro.


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