The Bat, the Challenge, and the Application Form

Short and sweet, let me lay you down the deal, Mr. Dark Knight, sir.  I know you've been through a lot and you've been cruising Gotham all by your lonesome for quite a while now.  So.  I think it's time you got yourself a sidekick.

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No, not THAT sidekick.  I meant me, RaketChick.  'My sidekick, RaketChick.' just goes down a lot smoother, doesn't it?  Plus, there's no need to 'wonder' about me because we're kinda made of the same stuff.  Sorta.

1.  We're both vigilantes. Without the aid of a parachute, we dive into the action whether invited (by the bat signal) or uninvited. You, snagging the hero worship; me, bagging the business pitch.  You're driven by a need to save the day.  Me, I'm driven by a need for financial survival.

2.  We're both fans of utility belts.  Yours, filled with combat gadgets.  Mine, stuffed with strategies, concepts, and 'winging it' prowess.  Our weapons are as unique, patented, and sharp as we are.  We wouldn't have it any other way.

3.  We're both dark and troubled and constantly battling inner demons.
Uhm, ok, maybe you are.  But I can do the emo thing!  I'm from Advertising's Creative Department, after all.  Black is my thing.  Just gimme a minute.

4.  We're both doing this for the greater good.  You do it to keep the peace in Gotham.  I do it to help keep quality work in the industry afloat.   Yesss... amazing how I said that without blinking.
And even with all the risks and rants involved, we both love what we do.  What we do is what we live for.  In fact, you love it so much, you don't even ask to get paid for being a superhero!  Well, understandably --you being a philantrophist/playboy/pop culture icon and all.

Oooh... wait, that's where we differ.  As soon as you get me as a sidekick, I will require a contractual arrangement with a beefy monthly salary and health benefits in black and white.  And I want my own mini bat cave with 24/7 wi-fi.  And I'm calling it Raketcave, if you don't mind.  Just so we're not confused with file names.  My own batmobile can follow after 6 months.
(Sorry, I'm a freelancer.  I can't help myself.) 

No pressure, but think about it.  Why stop at being The Dark Knight Reborn when you can be The Dark Knight RaketChicked!
(Eep, I just nuked my chances of cutting a dynamic duo comic book deal, huh?)

*All awesome Batman artworks here are by the powerful hands of David Finch.  The man, the legend, will grace Fullybooked BHS in a bevvy of Batman events that will make you positively batty.  Action starts this Sunday, March 11, 2012.  Hook yourself up here to know more.

*Update :(

*Update 2! :)  See you guys this weekend!


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