Black Swan Rants and Raves

Whuuut??  You haven't heard of Black Swan Rants?!  What advertising rock have you been living under?!  Everyone inside and outside of the industry --as long as advertising flows in their very veins-- MUST know about this site.  Why, it speaks the very language you couldn't possibly utter under management.  It speaks the Facebook status update you've always wanted to post without earning scrutiny.  It speaks... your very soul.

Frustration.  Sarcasm.  Le bitchin'.  Black Swan Rants understands how you feel --and beats you to it before you beat someone up.  So you end up just laughing at yourself.  Better and funnier than a stressball, if you ask me.

Check out what the Black Swan has to say day in and day out.  Better yet, say it yourself without jeopardizing your career.  Black Swan Rants is willing to accept and publish your own advertising rant (anonymously) as long as it's not as bad as that headline requirement you wrote minutes before reading this post.  Hehe...

Disclaimer:  Natalie Portman was not harmed in the making of this site... promise.


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