Let's Move & Let's Love

Oooh, I've made a lot of kuh-ra-zee moves in the name of love!  In fact, I can write you a whole novel about it --covering the risks taken, the pain conquered, the triumphs accomplished.  The drama of it all.  Sounds like a riveting read? You betcha!  But for now, let me take you through some of the  highlights via a spazztacular side-by-side, before-and-after presentation!  Yeah! 

Chapter 1.  3 years ago, I MOVED out of being the high-powered, high-heeled business b*tch I was to spend more LOVE with my family.  Being out of the dog-eat-dog world meant more time spent at home.  I have a lot of ground to cover and I'm enjoying every minute of it!

Chapter 2.  I MOVED into freelancing.  So my husband and I can do things we LOVE together.  There was a time when I moved through life at my own speed.  Now, I'm loving the speed bumps and the stop overs, and the chance to travel through life with someone cool.  Great, great ride.

Chapter 3.  Now, I'm off to my biggest MOVE ever!  And this time I'm doing it for the LOVE of myself.
I'm quitting smoking.


My kids think it's a cool idea!  And my husband is my biggest fan and one-man cheering squad through this tough challenge --which I'm desperately planning to win in a month flat.  Whew!

Bold MOVES like these you can't go through without a little LOVE support.  Those work hand in hand.  Kinda like the solid tandem of Benetton's new perfumes, Let's Move and Let's Love.

Let's Move is a cocktail of self-confidence and driven desire piqued by the invigorating masculine character of cedarwood.  Designed for the dynamic male, it matches the sensual notes of...

Let's Love. This fragrance for the modern romantic woman is a floral accord with optimistic fruity accents.  A sweet whisper of love with a promise of a fiery kiss. 

A match made in scented United Colors of Benetton heaven!
If that smells like a fabulous idea, I'm glad to say I've had the best, passionate support group since I've started making these kuh-ra-zee MOVES in the name of LOVE.  So I must be doing something right.

How about you?  How have you MOVED your life, and how has someone LOVED you more for it?


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