My Style Statement inspired by The Ramp Crossings

I'm no fashion blogger.  Let me put that out there right now.  But when it comes to making a statement, I do have a lot to say.

Most people think freelancers spend the most part of their working lives at home in their jammies.  Ok, I won't even contest that.  But when we do go out, we do make sure we go out with a bang.

If you ask the neighborhood grandma, she'll say my style bang is 'Punkista'.  If you ask the tambays, they'll say 'Rakista'.  If you ask the nuns from my old school, they'll say 'Satanista'.  (ugh...)

If you ask me though, I call it Raket Chic.
The Raketeer in her most Chic.
Which doesn't really happen a lot so, yeah, thank you, The Ramp Crossings, for giving me the pieces that knew me more than I knew myself.  They just called to me.

From The Ramp, I chose Benet --a black dress with layers.  Just like me.  Haha! It's tough-looking, but comes with a chiffon swag that tells the world, "Be gentle with me.  Or I'll have your pancreas for breakfast."
I chose Bessie --a transparent bangle that represents a person who's an open book, a person who wears her heart on her sleeve.  Too much poetry?  Ok, I'm a bangle girl and I love plastic.  There you go.  Nice and simple.
I chose Trixie --earrings that make a statement without saying a word.   'Nuff said.
I chose Bam --a black metal gun ring.  An accessory that says I mean business.  Plus, it's a gun.  It's black.  It's metal.  C'mon.

I like quirky things that say a lot about myself, my work as a freelancer, and my passion that is non-conformity.  That's exactly how The Ramp sees it, too.  They have a diversity of styles that's like literally overflowing their website.  It's like a Mecca of Ready-to-Wear Meaningful Things.
At The Ramp, you find more than just fashion.  You find a statement.  Your own.

Let me wrap this up by saying The Ramp Crossings wraps me up the way I want it to.  BANG!
Check it out today.  It knows you, I promise.


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