Oops, she did it again.

And now you're wondering.  From the glitz and glamor of advertising copywriting, have I seriously teleported into the dark, taboo world of writing erotica?
The answer is...Yes.
In fact, I have also teleported to become a business proposal writer,  a prime time radio show writer, and more recently, an event floor show writer and director.

It's great to massage your craft with a slew of challenges, new fields to explore, new successes and failures to accept.  Doing this tells you that you can.  And that, when asked, you can do it all over again.  Of course, when you flop, it means you keep away from that kind of writing from now on.  Or, you try again and see if the first failure was a mere fluke.  That again, is another challenge.

The key is not to be too comfortable with what you can do.  You should always explore uncharted territory to see where new business lies.  And that's how you hone your craft.  Your craft is not just copywriting.  It's Writing.

So with this second serving entitled Strawberry for Sex and Sensibilities, I think erotica might be a thing I do that's here to stay.

The locker lady at my sports club seems to think so. :P


  1. agree! the slash culture works well for us freelancers and what we can do, is an overflowing source of surprise.

    1. 'Overflowing source of surprise' --I like that. :)


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