The Beachy Freelancer

Well, will you look at that.  Summer is almost over and now you're stuck with one burning question:  Why haven't I gone to the beach yet?
Here's one answer:  Maybe it's because you're a freelancer.

Truth be told, freelancers have a different way of planning their beach holidays.  If you're not up to speed, here's the low down on proper beach planning freelancer-style.

Non-Peak Season is YOUR Season. 
Why?  Because summer is the time when clients scramble for materials due before school re-opens.  This is also the time when most ad agencies have company outings or when creative people have their own lengthy individual hiatuses. That means you might just be a little busy getting outsourced at this time.  So if you're planning a beach trip, go for your own downtime --which most probably isn't summer.  The good news:  Beaches are cheaper during Non-Peak Season.  Score, Smartypants!

Weekdays Gone Wild.  
But if you must go to the beach every summer because you'll feel like a loser if you didn't --then go for a quick day trip during weekdays.  Yes, weekdays.  Because a lot of employed people will gun for the same plan and would naturally hit the waters on their free time --weekends.  You dictate your own free time.  So go against the flow, my friend.  Nobody wants that crowded hustle when what you really want is to relax.

Be a Pocket Traveler.  
Holidays need not mean solid, swanky beach vacations.  Since you own your own time (most of the time), why not make vacationing a sporadic thing?  Pencil in pocket travels monthly to nearby places.  Discover your local tourist spots in quick succession.  This way, stress actually has breakers in between.  And you get more holidays than the average workaholic.

Beach Shebang!  
You have no company to sponsor you so your holiday will be completely at the mercy of your own wallet.  So don't be pressured by a mere date on a calendar.  If your funds aren't quite there yet. don't force it.  Head for the beach during another country's summer!  Say, Hawaii.  Now THAT'S the ultimate reward for all your solitary efforts!

Now, if you can't help but flood yourself with work instead of waves this season --but you still have to go to the beach because you'll feel like a loser if you didn't-- then create an ad, an AVP, or an event that will irrevocably require a beach location for production.  Uh-huh.  You shrewd little devil, you.

There!  Now don't be sad if you haven't tanned this summer.  The rest of the year is your oyster.  A tan in summer is so mainstream anyway. :D


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