Why Would I Swap My Old Love For A Foton?

I'm no auto expert. But if there's one thing I know about owning a car, it's not the same as owning a shirt. Having a car is a long-term relationship. It's kinda like having a lover. For the long run, you will need a car who will pamper you the way you would pamper him... uh, IT.

So with that in mind, why would I possibly need to rev up my ride and swap my old car for a Foton?

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Simple. When your lover stops returning your love, then... it's time to move on. And my old jalopy has been leaving me in the dirt for quite a while now. In love and life, we do deserve the best, you know.


Speaking of the best, take a look at the Foton Thunder. It's a beef cake on wheels! And it delivers. It has a seat belt reminder, adjustable lumbar support, 3-point seat belts, child safety lock, dual airbags, remote-controlled power windows, and more. I've always been a sucker for hardworking bad boys.


The Foton View is another yummy candidate. First off, it takes you dancing! This 14-seater is the first dancing wheel loader in the Philippines. It has dual-sliding rear doors, and has perfect air conditioning for its size. With its spacious interior, it tells you that it will take you to long, romantic road trips, too. *sigh* 

Interested? Well, here's your lucky day! You can witness the Foton View on its dance debut at the Foton Big Show 2013 on October 25. You can also meet a whole lot more badass and faithful Foton vehicles that won't let you down for the long haul.

At the event, Foton will let you trade-in your old rides from October 26-27. It will let you buy any vehicle you want with BIG DISCOUNTS and BIG REWARDS. It will pump up your car know-how with trainings and forums. It will let you test drive, too --so you won't need to jump into a commitment right away.
The best part? This getting-to-know-you date is for FREE!

Now ask yourself --Are you truly ready to move on?
With Foton, you bet!
Rev up your ride and give yourself some love at the same time. Register for the Foton Big Show 2013!

*old jalopy photo creds to 123rf.com.


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