Walk the Walk

I love boots.
I don't have any other footwear other than boots.
Ok, I have a couple of wedged flip-flops that come out every summer, but that's it.

So what does my footwear preference have to do with your freelancing needs? Well, I don't know about you, but how my feet feel actually dictates my current mood and state of mind. It also dictates my confidence level. It may sound a bit strange and almost foot fetishy on a creepy level, but hear me out. You'll be nodding your head in a bit.
Sidenote: This may or may not be a style post.

You have a lot more to prove when you're a freelancer, right? You have to project a lot more credibility. I feel I fit the bill more when I stand tall, literally and figuratively.

A Linea Italia score, and my favorite. Nothing says "I mean business" than this number. Goes well with my shorter dresses.

From Aldo, this pair is snug as it is commanding. Love them! Perfect with my longer dresses or my leggings and tights.

A gift from a sweet friend in Canada. When I want to wear jeans, I pair it with stiletto power!

Compared to my old Corporate Creative status, I do a whole lot of legwork now. I pick up checks. I meet suppliers. I shop for props. I don't get to delegate. If I did all that in stilettos, I'd be cranky as hell before the day is done.

Another gift from another friend in Canada. This says "Get out of my way! I have a schedule to keep!" Lol! I wear these with my cotton dresses or shorts.

Another one from Linea Italia. Made of soft, stretchy material, and comfortably wedged. It gives me a casual vibe but still puts an extra lilt to my step.

At the shoot, I want to be at my most comfortable without losing out on the "I'm on it!" attitude. I wear these with almost anything I feel relaxed in.

Army boots! Reminiscent of my college day Doc Martens, this pair is actually an ukay-ukay find. It says "I'm tough and I can play it rough." Don't be fooled by its monstrous look. It's actually heaven on my soles.

I make better decisions when I'm calm. These 2-in-1s are keepers I ordered off a catalogue. Extra cozy, almost Zen-ish. And the fact that I can change its look makes me a happy camper.

Now, if you're not into boots, you can translate this list to your own taste. My point is what you wear on your feet isn't just a fashion statement. It's a physical, mental, emotional, psychological, AND professional boost. Don't slip on the first pair of shoes you see on the rack. Ask yourself first --how am I walking the walk today?


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