All is fair in freelancing and war. And that's what makes this business really scary at times.
You may choose to be a well-mannered freelancer, but some won't. Some choose to be that devious little snake in the grass. In the guise of a wonderful, trustworthy partnership, you won't even see them coming until they've already struck. Their venom won't kill you though. In fact, it might even teach you a lesson. But the pissery smarts like hell!

Presenting, the breeds without breeding that ruin the raketista's good name.

Aka, the Back Stabber. So you partner with this guy for a big ticket client. All goes well. Until you learn that your guy has started buttering up your client while saying nasty things about you. Before you know it, your client has blindly gone with your guy, leaving you in the dust with an empty pocket and a tainted name. For shame.

Usually harmless, the Moocher will simply ride on your professional fee ...sometimes without telling you. This is cool until someone slips and shit starts hitting the fan (read: when client ditches you for overpricing). Secrets can ruin a good business relationship. If one must mooch, spill. Don't be two-faced about it.

So the client decides that the middle person isn't completely necessary and goes straight to you. That means you can milk this client solo! Big business opportunity here. But should you tell your partner? Or should you just disappear into the night? There you go, you're an instant --albeit accidental-- snake.

The worst kind of venomous villain, thank God, is not in the freelancing biz. He sits high up in a seat of authority. People trust him. And yet he uses all his power and might to take from what little resources the people have. Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.
But this blog won't go there.

I'm not telling you to avoid collabs like the plague. Partnerships in freelancing are important. And, really, not everyone is a douche. Just take heed and be smart and carry a big stick. In freelancing, I think that's fair.


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