Where Monsters Lie

Now that I've regained a bit of my sketching skills (no, more like, doodling dignity), please allow me a moment to blatantly hard sell some of my balderdash. :P

You see, not all of these doodles make it to the blog. Some of them just hang around and chill in a little hole on Instagram. Waiting for that opportune moment when they can resurface and join their brothers in that most-coveted tiny space in the blogosphere. Since I doodle a lot, you can expect a lot of these unemployed monsters here.
Here, you'll see initial thumbs, too. Doodles that look like crap before they're digitally-enhanced to be decent enough for blog-use. Interesting, eh?

Here, you can also find screen caps of my RaketChick's Twitter Tips. Good raketista advise which I figure might make the freelancing world a happier place.  They're mostly delivered in the language called 'sarcasm', but they get the message across.

And here, you can chance upon tidbits of randomness as a means of a sneak peek into my real-life existence. Not that you'd want to, but I got chocolate bars and cupcakes. Lol!

Of course, people still ask me why can't I just doodle normal-looking stuff --like a girl without wings, a guy without tentacles, a child without horns, or at least someone with a good pair of eyes. Well, because normal is boring. And doodling isn't a self-portrait. Not that I'm that normal-looking either.

So if you want a bigger dose of monstrosity that you can't get from this blog alone, there's RaketChick on Instagram. All the creepazoids are here. Let's party.


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