Shine, PINAY.COM, Shine!

Scroll down for a bit.
See that sparkly badge down there? The one that says PINAY with a lovely flower-star icon?
Okay, you can't really miss it since it's the only splash of colour and light in this otherwise bleak, monochromatic blog.

But lending shine to my layout isn't the sole purpose of that little emblem. It tells you people that I am a Filipina, and that I am a member of, and an author at,

Dubbed as a place online where Filipinas everywhere shine, holds a special place in my heart since I've been around as its Creative and Marketing Consultant pre-launch. And after months of preparation, spread its wings to the public last Sunday.

I'm sure you're saying, "Oh, no! Not another one of those feminism / women empowerment / girl power shit!" Well, it's that, and more. is specifically for the Filipina who makes a name for herself because she embraces who she is. She basks in her inner light and exudes that light for everyone around her to enjoy its warmth. isn't walking around with an angry placard. It's fun! As fun as its founder, Perla Daly, whom I've worked with and laughed with all throughout planning. The whole team is a fun bunch! is a gold mine for inspirational tidbits, a home for regular Filipinas to get recognised for shining through in whatever they do, wherever they are. If you're a member, your blog gets the limelight, too. All these were shared at the launch, including how plans to shine forward as a community that helps less fortunate Filipinas lead brighter lives.

But what really got me absolutely pumped last Sunday… was THIS! Eeek! This was my brainchild!

There are more goodies that you can purchase from here and here.

Oh, and since the launch was at Max's Restaurant, I got severely pumped on these, too. If you're a Filipina, this is where you belong. Be a member. Share your story. Learn from other Filipinas' stories. And lead a life of love, pride, success, and sparkles.


  1. Luuuhhhhv it!!! Luv your writing style. Thank you Karen for your light and laughter and for sharing your marketing guru-ness!! Hughughug

    1. Your light and laughter is infectious, that's why! <3 Thank you!


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