The Social Networking Site Hiatus

I was MIA last May and June. I just thought I'd explain why.
One, I've been busy.
Two, I've been busier.
And Three, I decided to take a break from anything and everything that has to do with cyber social networking.

So that meant, I turned my back on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Blogger. It was time for me to go back to my roots which is… stressing myself out with project-doing and project-hunting without the aid of any form of technological distraction.

Okay, that's a half-truth. I also did find a new distraction online. Fiction writing. It took me away --like far, far away-- from the craziness of reality. And rewarded me with full-blown accomplishment and reader gratification. I get turned on by the simplest things.
But I digress.

The break also allowed me to meet people. New business partners, new clients, new friends. People I'd want to establish face-to-face relationships with as opposed to the typical anonymous lot who I find myself clashing with online. I went back to true blue networking at its rawest form.

Anyway, the hiatus is obviously over since, well, I'm here again. Because like any modern man, I cannot survive without online, impersonal connections with folks named BloodClot1456, HamsterGod, or Anonymiss. Social networking with strangers is the new form of dodge ball which we've all come to love after all.

You should try your own Social Networking Site Hiatus sometime. You know, just to see if you can live through it. I lasted two months, which I thought was a huge feat. Challenge yourself.
Now, leave me be so I can bitch about my life online as if anyone actually cares.


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