Sometimes you just have to wonder why the client hired you, a Creative person, to do his uncreative bidding.  It's even more baffling that beforehand, he did ask for your portfolio to 'check if you're qualified to do his creative requirements'.  And then as soon as work began, he quickly shot down your initiatives one by one.  With an incredulous air, he demanded that you stick to the template, the usual happy family shot, the huge logo, the safe, straightforward headlines.
I mean... what were you thinking????  WA-PAAK!  Stay in the goddamn box, you ambitious beast!!!

Still, you persist for a good while.  After all, he did get you for your creativity, right?  So you come back fresh with a good balance of safe ads and squeezing in one or two creative ones.  That's when you get the, "This is great!  But these new ones would look better with our usual visuals and a more straight-to-the-point headline.  Stop being too playful and witty!  Nobody understands witty!" 

Beat, you crawl back in your box and transform into what I would like to call a Zombeast --a brainless yet very cranky non-lifeform that moves only for brains, er, money.  Snarling, tantrum-ing, totally unwilling, kicking yourself in the shin all throughout, you finally deliver just what the client ordered:  In-The-Box concepts.  Carbon copies of work that date back a hundred years.  No brainer.  For shame.

Are you happy?  The client is.  In fact, it will take a couple of more projects until he gives you the very left field, "You know what, we're not getting anything new from you anymore.  You're fired."

Oh well.  For now, you did get approval.  You did get paid.  Win-win.  Right?  Let's move on.   

Must... grow... brains... baaack...


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