Make Your New Trip ComixTrips

I'm severely ecstatic about friends who come up with incredible ideas.  The ones that make me go, "Sheeet... Why didn't I think of that???"  Today's slow clap goes out to my friend's brainchild, COMIXTRIPS --a brand new Facebook App that's more like Facebook Amped.

Its noble mission:  Help storytellers and docudoodlers expose their most original, most fetch tales to the world --minus the usual cost of production and distribution.  Isn't that a great deal for those who have self-made storybooks and DIY comic books stowed away in an attic somewhere?  I bet you have one of those.  And right now, I bet you're saying, "Where have you been all my life?"

The app is free.  So all you have to do is submit your uniqueness to ComixTrips and wait to see your masterpiece uploaded page per page...

...and blown up for easy, right-where-the-action-is reading.   Ooh, that is sooo Kindle!
The end goal is to have your illustrated baby finally published to pure, tangible comic book glory once you've had a multitude of readers loving your craft.  With ComixTrips' reach, that should be easy-peasey.

As we speak, ComixTrips' stable is quickly filling up with the most creative Filipino pieces.  Why don't you drop by and see how you like it?

I did.  And I've already gone as far as a cover.  Heee...

Opportunity is knocking, popularity is waiting.  Move it, storyteller.


  1. thanks so much for the blog post, Racektchick! Truly appreciate it! :) Wuhoo! Looking forward to seeing your work.

    Paolo Fabregas

  2. My pleasure, Paolo!
    I'm still working on my confidence, but I'll be right there. :P


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