Simply, Einstein

The key to a solid creative material is a solid creative briefing.
If you, Miss Account Person, is simply taking down notes from client's ramblings --then I'm afraid we're both going to go up a steep hill.  You have to make sure you know what client wants to sell inside and out.  It's not enough to know what client wants to see during the presentation.  It's the product we're talking about.

So ...know the product well.  Do your homework and understand what you want to say before you say it.  Be prepared to answer a Creative's questions with good, concrete nuggets.  The minute the line, "I'm not sure.  Let me get back to you on this." or "I don't know.  Client doesn't know either." escapes your lips, then you've just dug your own shallow grave in the credibility cemetery.  Tsk-tsk.

Before the creative briefing, you should've already asked the client all the pertinent questions regarding the product's purpose, benefits, promises.  If something is unclear, Hello, Google!  The idea is not to echo client's words, but to create a simple, clear story out of everything she said.  It's storytelling more than anything.  And who wants a story with a convoluted plot, eh?

Keep in mind, there's no such thing as a complicated briefing to a mind that's good at simplifying.

A simple word to the wise.
Hey, this bit came from Einstein.  You can't simply question that.


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