The PLDT Telpad: Your Landline Goes Sleek And Slim

This is an ode to the lowly landline who sits dusty in one dark corner of the common Raketista's crib.  Freelancing weapons of choice have always been the laptop and the mobile phone.  They're just more useful, flexible.  This fact throws the poor landline to nothing more than mere pizza delivery existence.

Until now.

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Coming at you in full speed, PLDT's Telpad --in its noble quest to revolutionize today's plugged phone-- evolves with its new S7 Slim!  Sleek and magnifique, THIS is the latest must-have for every well-rounded freelancer.  THIS is a phone, a multimedia player, and a web browser in one.  You're welcome to re-read that.
Mmm... skeptic?  Prepare to have your old landline perception kicked squarely in the butt.

PLDT Telpad's S7 Slim isn't your regular phone.  Aside from giving you exclusive access to anything and everything PLDT, this baby is pumped full with 8GB of built-in memory.  It comes with a skinny, handy tablet with a highly-responsive 4-point multi-touch screen.  It can operate as a Wireless and a cellular.  There's no escaping a good conversation (business or otherwise) with this piece.

It has a front cam, a camcorder, and a 480x800 pixel display resolution that can playback your photo and video presentations in stellar quality.  With music!  For the nerd in you, it even allows you to view and organize MS documents and PDF files.  Ha!

Powered by Android Froyo 2.2, you can expect this Telpad to match your multitasking prowess.  Stay connected with Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Skype --without missing a personal or professional beat.

Stay on your toes, too, with the latest news on Google and the latest trends on YouTube.  It pays to be in-the-know, you know.

Would you believe this gadget also teaches you the most strategic war tactics?  Oh, yes.  And there's more in store at the Android Store.

The PLDT Telpad S7 Slim.  Amazing, isn't it?  If you thought you were wired then, imagine the tsunami of online opportunities now.  All from your little ol' landline!
From now on, business will be booming, Raketista --and you thought it was going to be slim.


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