The Last Planner You'll Ever Have!

Of course, you have a planner.  How else will you be able to keep track of all your raket meetings, your deadlines, your billables, your nth follow-ups, and your ever-growing hit list?  As of now, you must be making great time --and impressive palpitations-- for the Starbucks planner.  Can't blame you.  Starbucks' is the coolest planner on the planet!

That is, until The Last Planner You'll Ever Have!

Inspired by the Mayans' and Nostradamus' --and recently, Hollywood's-- prediction of the world coming to the end in the year 2012, this planner has craftily created your personal Doom's Day Diary. 

Complete with a Countdown Calendar.

Monthly scenarios of possible global catastrophes leading to Judgment Day.

Your own Prepped-for-Death sheet.  How many planners give you that, huh?

And, my personal favorite, devil-may-care farewell notes.  For when you want to send your very last.

All this, all in good humor, of course.  So if you're a prude with a joke level as shallow as a ditch, I suggest you get your planner from your insurance company.  No offense.  I think.

Oh, and just so you know the Revelations isn't half that bad, this planner also comes with a promo. Yesss!

Raketista, THIS is your planner.  Don't you work on every project as if it were your last?  Aah... then this is such a match made in heaven (or hell... depends.).  Get this once-in-a-lifetime offer for a very affordable Php325 if you place your order at The Last Planner 2012 Multiply site before December 19, 2011.  You may want to visit its Facebook page, too, before it's too late.

The Last Planner You'll Ever Have.  Wit and morbidity has never worked in perfect harmony like this before.
And... they probably never will.


  1. ang cool!! sobra i want one~

    check this out also , cool planners from starbucks korea


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