Cheers, Raketeers!

Whoa!  Has it really been 15 days since I last blogged???  That is sooo irresponsible of me!  I made a vow to master the fine art of multitasking and this is what I have to show for it?  Tsk, tsk, tsk...

I have a good excuse though.

The nice thing about the holidays is that people go on vacation.  Good, holiday-spirited people.  That leaves Scrooges like me to catch all the denied, falling-out-of-the-sky projects.  That leaves me earning money by the time everyone else is still groggy to get his ass back to work.
It pays to be an opportunistic bastard sometimes.  Hee...

This is tricky though.  You can't be a full blown Scrooge.  That's just... nasty.  So again, time management is key.  You have to make time to work on that extra load you snagged (without rushing it to mediocrity!), make time to shop for Christmas gifts (without rushing it to mediocrity), and make time to party.  Partying is just as important as freelancing.  It not only releases tension and makes you feel like the cool social butterfly you totally aren't, it also opens you up to future contacts, future projects, future moolah.  There is no rest for the opportunistic bastard.

Of course, with that kind of hectic madness, something will just have to be sacrificed.  For me, it was blogging.  And a week's worth of laundry.

So, with everything done, let me take this opportunity to greet you all an almost stress-free Christmas!  And, give you a well-meaning man-slap on the butt for a job well done in cutting it close again this year.

Cheers, Raketeers!


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