Latag for Dummies

This is the most productive piece of table napkin you can ever hope to find in the free world.

Had coffee with a couple of kids whom I thought I'd share my age-old wisdom in basic Latag-ness with.  Latag, as you know --if you've been in the business long enough-- is the pre-mumble before you expose your creative big guns.  This is your one-page contribution to your AE's 39-pager Powerpoint presentation.  This page summarizes the 'thinking behind', your 'thought process', your 'I'm not just bullshitting you with pretty pictures, Mr. Client.  There's a science to this glorious creative output!'. 

Presenting... a walkthrough.

Go back to your AE's JO.  From all the research she's jammed in that sheet of paper, all you really need to focus on is the Key Message, aka, The Single-Minded Message, aka, USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  If there isn't any... well, that deserves another blog post altogether.

From there, it's time for a little immersion.  Time to go out for a face-to-face with your target market.  Time to harvest... insights!  Probably the most important part of your latag, the Insight details exactly what the target market wants and needs out of your product.  Simple logic:  you can never sell anything to a target market without knowing what he wants to buy.  Get into his mind and heart first.  You should get many insights that can lead to many concepts.

The Concept is The Big Idea you get from the Key Message.  It's called The Big Idea because it's your product's masterplan to answer your target market's need.  There should be a seamless 'tuhog' from the Insight to the Big Idea.  Problem-Solution, as simple as that.  That's why it's crucial that your product's facts do fulfill a promise.  The Big Idea is the most powerful part of your latag, by the way --specially for your Client.  Whatever you say here, make sure it counts.

So how do you say the product's plan in an interesting manner?  Yes!  The moment to be creative has come!  The Execution part of your latag is your oh-happy-day playground where you can create to your heart's desire.  But, make sure you do it with the client's objective and your target market's insight in mind.  Yeah, yeah... even in absolute joy, we do have to be responsible.  Out of the box doesn't have to mean out of line.  That doesn't suck, believe me.

With a solid latag, you'll come off as creatively strategic, or strategically creative... hmm...
Either way, you'll come off like you know what you're talking about --because you do!  THAT'S how you get things sold. 
Now, if you're cocking your eyebrow now and thinking, "I'm too creative for that kind of paperwork!" --think again, dummy.


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